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We study the ultrashort pulse application, short pulse fiber laser,  novel optical materils, and liquid crystal devices 


Supercontinuum generation by photonic crystal fiber


Photonic Technology Lab was host by the Prof. Lin  since 2007 in Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan.  We are a big family comprise the Research Professor, master students and undergraduate students. The members studied the fundamental principle and the application of the optoelectronics and photonics especially the laser related skills including the ultra-fast measurement of semiconductor materials like ZnO and ZnO/ZnMgO MQWs, short pulse generation of the fiber laser, liquid crystal devices and random laser generation.  In addition, we produced the nano-materials include the graphene oxide, silver and gold nano-particle and perovskite.   We sincerely look forward to your joining in our lab if you are friendly, activity, intelligent and interested in our research subjects.         


What`s new

Surface plasmon resonance based on the silver nano-particlr

We produced the silver nano-partical and used for the enhanced random laser by the localized surface plasmon resonance 

Short pulse fiber laser  generation based on the graphene oxide (GO)

We produced the GP nano-platelet by the ultrasonification to produce the saturable absorber and generated the short pulse from fiber laser

Photonics Reserach Journal

May 2018

Configuration of DDLC cell and setup of RL generation